The Tidings We Bring Ch. 02

Chapter Two

I bit my lip as I dragged my suitcase up the curb. The small taxi pulled away and quickly left. It was a little before noon. After spending the evening luxuriating in my luxury shower, before a long, restful slumber, I've made my way back home. Mum and dad were waiting for me in the lounge. Mum waved the way she usually would as I walked past the window. Pulling open the front door, I swallowed my nervousness and stepped inside.

"Hey sweetheart!" Dad called. "Have a good evening?"

Setting my suitcase to stand, I walked into the lounge. Mum and dad were... Just... Mum and dad. Mum smiled warmly, while dad had that familiar gleam in his eye, that told me I had his attention since I was a little girl.

"It was nice," I said softly. "We had some fun, got back to the hotel and made sure we all got some sleep." It wasn't an outright lie. Samantha made sure I was fine, before tying my legs together and ordering me to remain in the bed until morning.

"I'm glad you had fun," Mum smiled. "How about you put your stuff in your room and I'll put on some tea."

I nodded quickly, before grabbing my suitcase and heading for my room. I heard mum say something to dad, and his laughter echoed down the hall after me. Pushing my door open, I stepped inside, pulling my suitcase behind me. The whole train ride home was nerve wracking. I was terrified of getting home as much as I was desperate to do so. Samantha had mentioned she felt the new clients would make good owners for me. I just had no idea they were my own parents. And what they'd done to me the night before.

Biting my lip, I threw myself on the back of the bed. Lifting my hips, I slid my skirt up and took hold of my panties. Shoving them down, I slid my fingers through my slick labia. Moaning softly at the throbbing ache, I gently massaged my clit, as I imagined dad sliding his cock back inside me.


With a quiet squeal, I sat up, only for mum to tackle me back onto the bed. She pressed her arm over my mouth, muffling me instantly. But it was her fingers, suddenly forced up inside me that made me quiver.

"You naughty little slut," she hissed softly. "Who gave you permission to touch yourself?"

I whined softly. This was so wrong and yet as she twisted her fingers inside me, I couldn't help but clench my kegels in appreciation. She viciously yanked them free, making squeal a muffled sound of desperation, before I felt her pushing something inside me.

"This might teach you not to be such a little slut."

Releasing my mouth, I gasped for air, as she roughly spun me around onto my front.


"Shh!" She hissed, pushing my face into the mattress. "Unless you want your father to see you trussed up like this, you shut up right now!"

I nodded as I felt something cold and hard placed against my back. She stuffed part of it down my side and under me, before violently shoving me over on to my back again. I went to sit up, but let out a small squeak as mum threw her leg over my face and sat her drippy pussy over my mouth. Without even thinking, I started working. It had been a while since I'd been ordered to eat out a woman, but no order was necessary.

"That's a good girl," mum cooed.

I moaned and slid my tongue inside her tunnel as she softly circled my clit with the tip of her finger. But it didn't last long, before I realised what she was doing. Clenching my eyes shut, I did the best I could to get my mother off, as she closed the clasp for a chastity belt. I was swollen, dripping and horny beyond belief, with something stuffed up inside me. And my mother was holding it hostage.

"Now," she purred as I continued to lick. "If you're a good girl, you get this."

I moaned into her pussy as the device inside me thrummed into life, sending a shiver down my spine.

"And if you're a bad girl, you get this."

As the orgasm I was happily approaching, built, when suddenly the device exploded. The sheer intensity of the stimulation had me scream in shock. But mum ground her pussy into my mouth, preventing any sound from escaping. Just a moment later, it switched off, making me gasp and writhe, desperate for more.

"Keep licking slut," Mum groaned as she rocked her hips.

As the slut I was, I kept licking her pussy. As she moved around, I continued licking any part she placed above my mouth. Whether that was by sliding my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, to sucking her clit, to rimming her hairless asshole. In minutes, she was cumming, dripping her fluids into my mouth, forcing me to swallow her pleasure. And only then, did she finally get off. Standing, she straightened her dress, before bending over and forcing her tongue into my mouth. As the firm muscle danced, I gently sucked on it, like the good slut that I was.

"Very good," Mum purred. "I'll be back tonight for round two."

I blinked as I stared at my mother in this new light and lowered my gaze, even as my cunt clenched over the vibrator stuffed inside me. "Yes, Mistress."

She reached out and took my chin, lifting me to gaze into her eyes. She held me there for a moment and sighed.

"I don't know where this is going Harriet," Mum said softly. "What do you want from all this?"

I blinked, before shuffling forward and mum pulled me into her arms. I enjoyed the sensation of being held for a while. "Samantha told me she'd found candidates for adoption."

"As in, to adopt..."

"A slave," I whispered.

"And this is something you want?" I froze, before nodding my head. "I want to hear you say it.

"I..." I paused as I shuddered. "I want you to own me. I want to be yours and daddy's slave. To be used and abused as you see fit. I wish to be your sexual plaything."

Mum paused, before smiling. "Good girl."

Turning on her heels, she stormed out of the room. I stood there on shaky legs, having no idea what to do. Right up until the device between my legs exploded into action. Dropping to my knees, I rocked gently on the floor as I raised my hand to my mouth and bit my finger. I couldn't help the small soft squeals that escaped my lips, and I couldn't help but run my hands over the hard, metal between my legs. It continued to torture me as my pussy clenched and I finally found the orgasm I craved. And as I rolled on the floor, approaching my second, it finally stopped, leaving me gasping and breathless on the floor.

"Take a shower, slut," Mum hissed, closing my door.

I blushed furiously, but crawled, still somewhat dazed into the shower in my en-suite. The remainder of the afternoon was spent doing all the things I'd usually be doing on a Sunday. Texting my friends, catching up on my studies for Monday morning and trying desperately to ignore the small twinges from my leaky pussy every time mum turned on the vibrator locked inside me. I had no idea what it was, but it was evil. The intensity could be so high, I had to bite my pillow to stop myself screaming. But it only lasted a few moments before I was left in peace.

I was worried about what would happen during dinner, but the conversation was normal and I ate my meal in peace. But it was as I watched a video on my phone later that evening, that it started without warning. Immediately, my whole pussy lit up with the powerful vibrations of the device. It started on the low end and just as I expected it to stop, the intensity increased.

I was left moaning and pawing softly at the metal of my chastity belt as my pleasure rose. But just like before, the moment I felt I was about to cum, the sensation stopped. I gasped in frustration, clenching my legs together. But a moment later, my bedroom door opened. Mum darted into the room, stark naked and and holding her crotch.

"Quickly, your father is in the shower."

Before I could ask, she pushed me flat on my back and climbed atop me. Without thinking, I opened my mouth as she removed her hand. A large glob of my fathers cum drooled over my face, before mum sat herself fully over my mouth. Her pussy tasted divine and the offering my father left inside her moreso.

"Hurry up slut," mum groaned as she rubbed herself on my writhing tongue.

I moaned and tried my best to dig out every drop from her drooling pussy. Suddenly, she tensed, and flooded my mouth with her own fluids, leaving me with no option but to swallow. As soon as she finished twitching, mum sat up and threw her leg back off me. Leaning in to kiss me softly, I shuddered as she licked my cheek, before darting out of the room with a smirk. I silently prayed that she'd turn on the vibrator again, but as I slowly drifted to sleep, the pleasure never came.

It was still dark, when I felt a weight lay beside me. Cracking my eyes open, mum kissed me softly. As I kissed back, her mouth became demanding, biting my lip and tongue. I squeaked softly as I rubbed my thighs uselessly together.

"Enough of that," Mum whispered.

"Yes Mistress."

"Mmmmm," mum purred. "I like that. Would you like a treat this morning?"

I shuddered, hoping she'd turn on the vibrator and nodded my head, "Yes Mistress."

Mum just smiled, "Come on slut."

Biting my lip, I allowed her to lead me out of bed and my room. She hushed me softly and brought me into her bedroom. Dad was still sleeping and mum shot me a grin.

"He always sleeps heavily after sex."

I nodded my head and watched as she gently lifted the blanket. I bit my lip, staring at my father's morning wood. Mum leaned onto the bed and ran her tongue up the side of his rigid muscle. With a grin, she gestured for me to lean down. I was surprised as she took my hair in her hands and twisted it around her wrist. My gasp of pain was short lived, as she pushed my face down onto dad's cock. Before I could respond, he was down my throat and I was weakly struggling as my eyes watered. Yanking my off dad's cock, mum took it in her own mouth for a few beats, before pushing me back onto it. Despite the brutal treatment, my pussy clenched in agony. I wanted so desperately to touch myself.

"There he goes," Mum said softly.

Before I could respond, she released my hair, only for a second hand to take it's place.

"Oh honey," dad said softly in a dreamlike voice.

Clenching my eyes in burning humiliation, I allowed him to raise and lower my head onto his cock. With each thrust, he shoved himself into my throat and like the dutiful slave I was, I swallowed, letting the muscles massage him even more.

"He's gonna cum soon," mum whispered in my ear.

I frowned, wondering why she was saying so, when dad was the one fucking my throat. But I put it out of my mind as he let out a loud sigh and forced me down hard to his crotch. I laid there in agonising bliss as I felt his cock throb, firing his seed down my throat. I held still, swallowing as quickly as I could as dad made small noises. And as the final spurt ended, his grip released. I swallowed once more and opened my eyes, waiting to see the shock on his expression. But all I saw was his chin and the rise and fall of his chest. Lifting myself off his cock, mum kissed me softly.

"Better head back to your room, before he wakes up," she winked.

I bit my lip and groaned, watching mum lower herself onto dad's still firm cock. I watched her labia part over the head and I listened to mum's moan of pleasure as she slid down. Turning, I left and went back to my room, ignoring the sounds of flesh meeting flesh.

That became our routine for the next few days. I studied by day. The vibrator trapped inside me was used only sporadically. I reasoned it was to keep the batteries alive. The whole time, mum used me for her pleasure, and occasionally snuck me into their room while dad was asleep and had me blow him. Needless to say, when I received that text on Thursday, I was almost climbing the walls.

Stepping in the front door, mum was waiting for me in the kitchen. "I... Need a ride to the train station tomorrow afternoon."

"I'm sure," Mum smiled. "You sure this is what you want?"

I bit my lip and uselessly rubbed my thighs together. "I'm sure mum... This whole thing... It just..."

"Feels right, huh?" Mum asked.

I nodded my head, "Yeah. Part of being... What I am. Is finding someone I can trust to keep me. That's what the club was for. A safe space, to be me, until someone I trusted came along and took me permanently."

"If we take you, does that mean you can't go to the club?"

I shook my head, "No, it means only you can take me there. Mistress Samantha acts as a surrogate in the meantime. She vets the members and sets up adoptions. If they don't go to plan, someone doesn't come back, depending on who broke the rules."

Mum nodded, "Go for a shower. I have a bit to think about."

Nodding my head I headed for the bathroom. Stepping into the room, I closed the door behind me and took off my clothes. The only thing I couldn't remove was the metal chastity belt, still firmly in place. There was enough of a gap in the crotch, that I could use the removable shower head and keep myself clean. But it wasn't enough to provide myself any real stimulation. With a sigh, I stepped into the shower and got under the stream of hot water. Wetting my hair, I got the shampoo and poured some on my hand. Stepping out of the stream, I began to rub it into my hair, getting it all sudsey. Right when I firm hand pushed me back against the far wall.


A pair of firm lips pressed over my own. I recognised my mother's kiss immediately. But I squealed into her mouth as the chastity belt fell away with a loud thunk. Blind from the soap in my eyes, I stayed still as her fingers roughly pinched my nipples.

"Just a taste of the future," she hissed softly.

A moment later, I felt the device being tugged from my pussy, as her tongue slipped over my aching clit. I gasped loudly and placed my hands on the back of her head. That earned me a sharp nip on the labia, making me squeal.

"Hands on your head!"

"Yes mistress," I crooned, doing as she asked.

A moment later, her tongue danced lightly over my clit, making me tremble. Nothing had touched me there in days. Just her gentle licks were driving me crazy. I frowned as she pulled away. I still couldn't see until I'd washed out the shampoo, but that didn't stop my flinch when she lightly flicked my clit. As the shock of the sharp impact hit me, her lips wrapped around my overly sensitive love button. The suction of her mouth had me gasping as I approached that precipice. But as my legs began to shake, and my toes clenched, she gently pulled away.

"That's enough of that," mum said.

I just let out a small whimper as I felt tears form. I was so close. I held still and trembled as mum lifted the belt into position and locked me back up.

"Oh baby, were you that close?" Mum asked.

"Mhm," I sniffed and nodded.

"I'll tell you what. If you decide to tell your father who you are, I'll take the belt off you."

I moaned softly and bit my lip. And shook my head, "What if he rejects me?"

I felt mum's hand on my cheek, before her lips brushed my own. "He won't."

Dropping my head, I listened as she quickly dried and left. Finally alone, I continued my shower and got on with my evening.

"They accepted the application," Samantha said as she secured me to the bench.

I was dressed in far less tonight than I was the previous week. Some black lace that left my breasts exposed to hang below me. Mid-thigh stockings, held up by some lace around my hips. I wore tall heels and this time, my hood allowed for my eyes to be visible. Samantha was strapping me face down over a frame. It held my chin up and kept my ass pointed up, while I stood, bent in two. My arms were tied behind my back and my breasts were allowed to swing freely below me.

"Do you have any concerns?" Samantha asked.

"Uh uh," I shook my head the slight amount I could.

She gently patted my ass, making me twitch as her fingers brushed my ass, through the belt I still wore.

"I wasn't actually sure you'd go through with it, to be honest," she sighed. "I never told you about my sub. Did I?"

"Uh uh," I said softer. I'd heard she had one a long time ago. Back when she first started this club. But something had happened, and she'd never taken one since.

"Just like, when your parents walked in that room, I walked into one." I froze, trembling at her words. But she giggled and leaned in, gently biting my ass. "In the same way, you put that panic button somewhere you couldn't reach, my sister did the same. By the time I was satisfied and applied to adopt, she was so conflicted, I woke up with her in my bed. If not for the bruises on her skin, just how I left them, I'd never have believed her." Samantha sniffed, "Last chance Harriet. I can send them away, and I'll take you as my own. Or I can give you to your parents. But they've got the key to your hood."

"Uh uh," I said softer still.

Samantha moved to stand in front of me, before leaning down and kissing me softly through the mask. "Love them while you can. Nothing lasts forever. If something goes wrong, I'll be here."

Then I was alone.

The sound of the door opening made me shudder. The sound of a pair of footsteps coming into the room had me quivering in anticipation.

"Hello my dear," dad's voice called softly. All I could do was let out a soft whine. "We'll be spending the night tonight, I believe. We don't have anywhere to be this weekend. And I've been told we can take you home."

"Uh huh," I managed to squeak.

I held still as they circled around me.

"You're shaking," Mum said softly, stroking my back.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the touch. But I was so desperate for more. They moved out of view and I heard them undressing while I waited in anticipation. The next sensation I felt was a firm slap on my ass. I let out a loud gasp as I felt a lubricated finger pressing against my rosebud. I was no stranger to anal and I relaxed, allowing entry. Dad moved in front of my view, leaning in to kiss me through the mask. He looked into my eyes, and I saw that flash of recognition that made me want to hide. But he dismissed it and released the plug for my gag. I immediately stuck my tongue out, making him laugh as he played tag with my tongue and the head of his cock. As he stopped moving, I retracted my tongue and moaned as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

"Ready?" He asked softly

I responded by sucking greedily on his flesh. I was going crazy as mum pushed a second, followed by a third finger into my ass. I was such a slut, behaving like this with my parents. I should be horrified, but all I could think was how badly I wanted his cock inside me. It didn't matter where, so long as it was inside me. As dad pushed his length down into my unresisting throat, mum removed her fingers. I groaned around dad's cock as he pushed in and out of my throat. My drool clung to his cock and stretched out into my vision as he stepped away. I watched him move out of view, as mum came back into view. She pulled a small dildo from her pussy, where she'd been masturbating. Slipping it into a buckle, she pushed it into my mouth and clipped it up behind my head. All I could taste was a mix of plastic and my mother's pussy juice as I felt dad's cock press into my ass.

I shifted, trying to push myself back. I was desperate for him to take me, but as I struggled in my bonds, I just heard his laugh and fell limp.

"No cumming," he said firmly.

The gentle pressure on my ass increased and I moaned over the plastic cock in my mouth, as his cock slowly speared into me. Mum stared into my eyes, kissing the other side of the gag in my mouth as dad pulled his cock most of the way out, before pushing it back in.


I jumped in my restriction as dad's hand hit my ass. The sharp sting took my attention as he pushed his entire length inside my ass with a single thrust. I squealed through the gag, as dad slapped my ass a second time. As dad thrust his cock in and out of me, mum reached up and fondled my breasts. She cupped them, pinched and twisted them, making me gasp in pain, as I moaned in pleasure. The closer I came to cumming, the more vicious she was, while the slaps on my ass increased. I was so desperate to cum I couldn't help my wails turning into screams, but eventually I felt the rhythmic pulsing of dad's cock in my ass. r"


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